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Since the early 1990s there have been f-body discussion email lists of various forms across the internet. The first get-togethers, which eventually became the NFME, were simply a way for everyone on the discussion list(s) to get together, race and admire each other’s camaros and firebirds. For many years we required you to be an email discussion list member before you could even register for the NFME, so to say that we feel the discussion list is important is an understatement. To get a true feel for the event and the great people who participate, you should seriously consider joining.

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Event News

The 2022 National Motorsports Challenge and national F-Body Event has concluded.  Thank you to our sponsors,

The Horsepower Factory, Cranberry Automotive, Fittercritter,  Logix LLC and Comp Cams.

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