Drag Race Event

Q: Who should I contact if I need more information on Drag Racing?

A: For any concerns regarding the dragrace event please contact use the Contact Us link.

Our goal for the Drag Race portion of the National F-body Motorsports Event is to provide the most dragstrip time possible in a friendly & sociable atmosphere. Although we have competitive events, the overiding spirit of the event is comraderie and good sportsmanship, enjoyable to newbies and professional racers alike.

Q: What vehicles can participate?

A: The Drag Race Competition is open to all sports cars registered for the event! (That pass technical inspection, of course)

Q: What are the Rules and Regulations for Drag Racing?

A: Pit Rules

  • No burnouts or reckless driving in the pits allowed.
  • Obey stated speed limits on return road and in pits.
  • No judgement-impairing substances will be tolerated!
  • No glass containers please.

Tech Rules

For all Dragrace related Events:

  • Your NFME nametag will be used to confirm if you can particpate in the drag race event. Pre-staging personnel will ensure the proper entry on your nametag before you’re allowed to proceed to staging.
  • Your NHRA Tech Card will be used as your dragstrip access card. Only cars that have a properly filled out & passed NHRA Tech card will be entered into the track computer system. This will stop un-teched cars at the water box when the staging personnel call for confirmation of your car number in the track computer system. Don’t be that guy, holding up all your fellow dragracers because you didn’t get properly teched!
  • Long pants required by all participants – NO EXCEPTIONS! Do not pull into the staging lanes wearing shorts! This has been a problem in the past, with several participants continually breaking this rule. If you do this, you will be asked to leave.
  • As of 2009, here are the minimum helmet requirements as described in the NHRA rulebook
  • SFI Spec 31.1A = Snell SA, open-face helmet or, SFI Spec 31.2A = Snell SA, full-face helmet or, SFI Spec 41.1A = Snell M, open-face helmet or, SFI Spec 41.2A = Snell M, full-face helmet or, Snell 2000, 2005 and 2008 is acceptable in place of any Snell M-rated helmet.
  • NHRA apparel rules apply, such as SFI 3.2A/1 jackets will be mandatory for all drivers in vehicles running between 10.00 to 11.49 seconds.
  • NHRA general guidelines including battery tie-down, coolant overflow container, no missing wheel studs or lugs will be adhered to.
  • A driveshaft loop will be required on all cars running 13.99 or quicker and utilizing slicks, except vehicles equipped with street tires running 11.49 or slower.
  • Convertibles quicker than 13.49 and all other cars quicker than 11.49 require a minimum 5-pt roll bar.
  • On any car running 11.49 or quicker, a flywheel and clutch meeting SFI Spec 1.1 or 1.2 and a flywheel shield meeting SFI Spec 6.1, 6.2, 6.3, or 9.1 will be mandatory.
  • All NHRA general safety rules may be applied as appropriate for ET/speed of each participant’s vehicle.
  • Cars intending to run quicker than 9.99 that do not have a Competition Licence, we have in previous years been able to allow you to run your qualifying passes and be signed off. So get those physicals and chassis vertifications done before the event!!!

For Burnout Contest Only:

  • Tires will be inspected for defects, cuts, and dry rot.
  • Snap on hub caps must be removed.
  • ALL N2O bottles must be removed from the cars.
  • Street tires must have 1/8 tread depth across the tire.
  • Street slicks and slicks are allowed but must have wear indicators.
  • No fluid leaks – a leak is defined as fluid observed dripping from the vehicle at a rate exceeding one drop every 10 seconds.

Q: What is the “Quick” Competition?

A:The “Quick” competition will be open to all GM vehicles. Although the NFME has the F-body as its roots, we all know and acknowledge that fun and excitement can be had in any performance vehicle. Now, sometimes we have done quick 8, and sometimes we have done Quick 16, and here is the deal, if you a 10 second pass with sticky tires or a 12 second pass on real street tires, you will qualify. If we have a Quick 32, then so be it!

Q: What different Classes are run in Drag Racing?

A: The Drag Racing classes are:

Real Street Tire Class:
This means 100% street tires and does not inclue road course/autox tires, drag radials, nor slicks.

Sticky Tire Class: Slicks & DOT sticky racing tire (M&H, M/T, Hoosier, Nitto, BFG drag radials, road course/autox tires, etc, etc, etc).
Manual Tranny Class: Self explanatory, any tire.
Real Street Quick 8/16/32 Class: This means 100% street tires and does not inclue road course/autox tires, drag radials, nor slicks.
Sticky Tire Quick 8/16/32 Class: Slicks & DOT sticky racing tire (M&H, M/T, Hoosier, Nitto, BFG drag radials, road course/autox tires, etc, etc, etc).
No electronics can be utilized in competition, such as delay boxes or throttle stops. Transbrakes and 2 step rev limiters are fine. If you have electronics, they do not have to be removed from the vehicle, this is a gentlemans event (we are not sure about some of us, but you are probably ok) so just do not use them.

Q: What is the Drag Racing Schedule during the event?

A: Here’s the current schedule, but it’s important to remember that the schedule is subject to change in the event of inclement weather. It is the goal of the organizers for everyone to have as much fun as possible in the sun or rain, but it’s important to remember to be flexible and kind to the organizers in the event of rain.

The dragrace program will consist of the following activities:

  • Two 1/2 days of Full Tree (.500 light) Test & Tune
  • Class-style Full Tree (.500 light) bracket racing
  • Overall bracket vs bracket finals
  • Quick 8 -Street Tire- and -Sticky Tire- heads up racing on a Pro Tree (.400 light)
  • TBA

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