Road Course Event

Q: What are the Rules and Regulations for the Drivers?

A: Pit Marshall is King. Pay attention to him before your lap, and during your lap sessions. Watch the corner workers also since they might be conveying important information using the flags talked about on this page.

Q: What is the Road Course Schedule during the event?


Q: What different Groups are run on the Road Course?

A: The 3 road course groups are broken down into group 1 (Instructors), group 2 (Experienced), and group 3 (Intermediate and Beginners). This is a guideline for who gets placed in what group. It is not a statement of who is better or faster than who. Also, if a pair of drivers are sharing a car, please let the road course organizer know and we will accommodate as best as possible to give the drivers (and the car) time between sessions.

Q: What is the Driver’s Log book?

A: A driver’s log book should be kept with the car at all times during the session. These books are to be used by the instructors to fill out observations made during the previous session. Both positive feedback as well as negative feedback should be provided by the instructor right after the session ends. This will help the student know what they are doing both right and wrong and will give them some things to work on as the event goes on. This will then inform the next instructor of what issues they should focus on for that next session. The books will highlight:

  1. Safety
  2. Driver’s Position
  3. Visual Awareness
  4. Line
  5. Overall Driving Skills 6. Solo Sign-Off


Q: How long do I need to have an instructor?

A: It is mandatory for the beginner groups to have an instructor ride along with them for both days unless you get checked off solo. The beginners can also opt to take a few laps in the instructors’ cars as a passenger (this is highly recommended). Additionally, for the first day we will mark brake points, turn in, apex and exit points with cones to help the beginners get used to the track more quickly. Of course these cones will only mark suggested points as each driver has a different style.

Q: Can I have a passenger OR can I be a passenger?

A: Passengers – Rides with Instructors will be available first for drivers in the beginner, the intermediate, then the advanced group. After all drivers have been placed in a car operated by an instructor, any one else wishing a ride can request one. It is the up to the discretion of the Instructor as to whether or not he/she takes a passenger who is not signed up to drive the road course. Passengers will be allowed for all drivers who have been checked off solo. All passengers must wear the same protective clothing required by the driver (long pants, shirt, socks, shoes, & helmet) and must be strapped in with at least the same restraints as the driver is using. Most instructors and veteran road course drivers are happy to help spread the addiction to speed and will be happy to let someone ride along.

Q: What happens if it rains?

A: In Case of Rain – The road course event runs rain or shine but due to the treacherous conditions that rain on the dragstrip front straight causes we will alter the use of the road course. The front straight will be at a constant yellow as long as the pit marshall and road course organizer feels the track is wet and treacherous. All drivers will continue like this until the front stretch is deemed dry enough to run on again.


A: Non-negotiable Rules – The following lists behavior that will not be tolerated. This behavior will get you expelled from the event – no exceptions:

  • Use of nitrous on the road course.
  • Not using a seat belt.
  • Not using an approved helmet. Cannot be older than the current rating or the previous 2 Snell rating periods. In other words, if the year is 2009, then your helmet must be rated either an SA/M’05 (current), 2000 or ’95 (previous 2 ratings).
  • Consumption of alcoholic beverages at any time at the track facility.
  • Failure to observe/follow corner worker flags.
  • Driving in an unsafe manner two or more times in a day, ie; two black flags per day.
  • Passing under a yellow flag.
  • Passing anywhere other than passing zones.
  • Reckless Driving.

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