About The Event

Q: How much does it cost to put this event on?

A: Around $15k

Q: Do the organizers make any money from the event?

A: No, we are all volunteers. IN 2015 we instituted a “benefactor” group of long-time, dedicated attendees that have all put significant $ up well in advance to try and guarantee the event can happen.  Don’t think that means it’s all paid for…we only cover about 1/3.  Your registration helps to cover the rest.  Without advance registrations the event will not happen.  For many years the event has been a zero-sum or losing proposition money-wise, but it’s a fantastic thrill and a great vacation and those of us that contribute do it because we love it.  If you are interested in an all-events-included, SUPER VIP package, please use the “benefactor” membership option located in the registration page.

Q: Is there a flyer I can use to tell other people about the event?

A: Yes! You can now download and print a 8.5″ x 11″ pdf flyer for the event.

Remember that the purpose of these marketing materials is to drive traffic to our web site, so they are simple and to the point.

Q: How do I get more information if the question I have is not listed in the FAQ?

A: The best way to ask a question not addressed by the FAQ is to join the Event mailing list.

The list is available in digest form if you don’t want to receive each post to the list as a separate e-mail.

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